Profession as detective is very identical with solving the cases and mysteries. Criminal case cannot be separated with this profession. Being a detective is a popular job like in the movie “James Bond” he is very famous from dealing with criminal case. Detective story is also amusing; solving hidden mystery is a satisfaction of the detective. Well it is just a story in the movie and book. In real life, private detective agency is very needed in some states in US. Even the states in US requires private detective to be certified detective. Private investigator certification is very important for those who want to become a real private investigator.

Many people are very interested in joining a private investigator agency but certain problem like certified investigator often appears. Nowadays, many agencies have required the private investigator candidate to be certified in their job or to get private investigator certification. Professionally, a private investigator must pass an official training or courses in order to get the license. Besides, the educational background is also important here. Recently, many private investigator agencies in some states require the candidate to obtain college degree before joining the agency. Law or forensic degree becomes the priority for private investigator agency admission because those guarantee more experiences.

However, some states also require different qualification for private investigator certification. Therefore, each candidate at least has to have more experiences in this field. It can be done through online training program for private investigator which gives courses and material for training. Certified from online private investigator training is very important especially for starting personal business or working in official place such as government office. From the certification, a private investigator is considered as real investigator especially with proven results of experiences in real work. This can be a consideration for office or agency to hire a private investigator.

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